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Series Description:

Physical and chemical board is a kind of thermosetting phenolic resin board which is impregnated with phenolic resin in kraft paper or wood fiber and hardened under high temperature and high pressure.

The structure of the physical and chemical board is uniform and dense, so any point on the board is very solid. If the surface is finished with special resin, its performance can be further strengthened.

The inner cores of physical and chemical boards are mostly black, white and brown. The color, style and texture of the surface are quite rich in expressiveness, so they can be used as outdoor and indoor building materials with corresponding strength and appearance requirements.

The physical and chemical board has excellent impact resistance, water resistance, moisture resistance, drug resistance, heat resistance and wear resistance, and its weather resistance is also excellent. Sunlight will not cause discoloration or discoloration. In addition, the product is difficult to be stained with dirt, easy to clean and easy to maintain. The service life of the product can last for a long time. The impact absorption force of the physical and chemical plate and the special manufacturing process make it have a certain seismic resistance.

In terms of use, it is divided into physical and chemical boards for interior decoration and physical and chemical boards for exterior decoration.